What Are Body Oils?

Have you tried a body oil before? If not, there might have been a reason why perhaps you found them too greasy or they didn't absorb well? I understood that for a body oil to enhance your well-being and nourish your skin, it absolutely had to be plant-based. And more than that, only contain ingredients that feed your skin and promote overall skin health.

 A glowing skin

If a body oil is not yet a part of your daily skincare routine, we suggest changing that sooner rather than later. We’re not saying you should eliminate lotions and creams from your line-up entirely, but rather that oil can be an excellent and useful addition and/or occasional substitute in your moisturizing. Body oil gives your skin something that other moisturizing products can’t, namely that healthy glow everyone CRAVE.


Marigold And Tumeric Infused Body Oil is derived from the Marigold plant, It's petals were then extracted and used to infuse the oil, we further enriched it by adding the actual plant into the oil.

Marigold boasts of so many healing properties for problematic skin such as eczema & psoriasis. Increase Your Glow with the benefits of healing include tighter skin, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to name a few.

In this article, we’ll dive into the potential advantages of these oils.

Advantages Of Body Oils.

1. Moisturizes the skin. 

A key benefit of the body oil? It's free from any essential oils or added fragrance, as well as anything hidden, synthetic or artificial. Each ingredient in our Infused Body Oil has been chosen to perform a specific function for your skin by restoring suppleness and providing nourishment. It moisturizes the skin by helping it maintain its water permeability barrier.

2. Helps fight signs of aging. 

Body oils prevents every chance of your body and skin from ageing and thus becoming wrinkled, dull along with being saggy. Research shows that body oil’s have high number of antioxidants and this might help reduce oxidative stress of the skin. In theory, this could help protect your skin from premature aging. It also promotes healthy skin, and reverses signs of ageing.

3. Reduces sun damage. 

Body oil contains large amounts of antioxidants that may protect your skin from damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

  1. Helps manage eczema. 

The moisturizing properties of body oils help manage dry and itchy skin caused by eczema. The presence of Vitamin E may alleviate the dryness, itching, and flaking associated with eczema or atopic dermatitis.

A trusted study found that Vitamin E could produce significant improvements in eczema symptoms. It also helps to relieve symptoms of eczema and psoriasis by reducing inflammation.

5. Health benefits

A woman being massaged with body oilBy massaging your skin with body oils, you can help to improve your overall health by reducing aches and pains and decreasing stress. Body oils can have a positive effect on your mental health. By using body oils, you can increase your level of relaxation and overall sense of emotional well-being. It also reduces stress, relax and clear the mind, lessen anxiety, fulfil the need for nurturing touch and promote self-esteem.

6. Saves your money

Another great benefit of switching to a body oil is how economical it can be. A little goes a long way. Especially if you apply body oil to damp skin right after you’ve hopped out of the shower. You’ll be surprised how much a few drops will spread. It can sometimes take several generous pumps of body lotion to relieve your skin's dehydration. Whereas a tiny amount of body oil will likely be enough to moisturize most of your body.

How To Use Body Oils

There’s no wrong way to use an oil for your body. However, there are certain ways to maximize the effects of your body oil. We’re listing some here to help you get the best results. 

  • Apply your oil after a shower or therapeutic bath soak. Pat your skin down, but keep it a bit damp to maximize the moisture gained from your bath. Another option is to apply your oil in-shower after using body wash and before drying down. This saves you the extra time of applying lotion after a bath. Be careful not to slip
  • Apply a bit of body oil before a shower particularly if you suffer from compromised skin. Cleansing can strip much needed moisture from very dry and sensitive skin. Oil can create a barrier between your skin and the water, to reduce some of that moisture loss.  
  • Add a few drops of oil to your body cream. Not only does an oil provide a more luxurious feel, it provides more blockage action for dry skin that needs it.
  • Use a few drops of oil in your bath. Our Body Infused oils can make your bath water smell divine, while providing deep moisturization.
  • Massage your body. While facial massages are important, you should pamper and provide your body with relaxation, too. Focus on areas where you hold the most tension, like shoulders and calves.

Marigold And Tumeric Infused Body OilIf you’ve never experimented with body oil for daily moisturizing, maybe it’s time for a change. Why not swap out your favourite lotion and try a body oil instead? An intensely hydrating body oil could be just what your dry skin needs. With a little amount of money, you can get Our Marigold And Tumeric Infused Body Oil at 4oz for $12.50 and 8oz for $15.50

Shop for our Infused body oil product online and discover this and other products that will serve you on your skincare journey.


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