When you hear someone saying organic, usually, you think of food. But then what you often forget is that living a healthy lifestyle is more than just a balanced diet. It’s all about being healthy inside-out and being aware of the environmental effect of that lifestyle.


Therefore, making your skin look healthy and radiant is important, since healthy skin is one of the biggest indicators which tell us if we are healthy on the inside too. The skin is the largest organ of our entire body which should be treated with utmost care.

 Natural skin care products

Treating skin kindly from both the outside and within will leave you feeling great and looking fantastic too, and switching to natural and organic skincare products to moisturize your skin is a great place to start.

If you are unsure where to start you can browse our organic and natural skincare range here as we go on to explore more about natural and organic products and some of their benefits.

Why Is It Important To Use Natural And Organic Skincare Products?

Looking for some reasons to use natural skincare products? We can help, Here are 8 of them to start with. 


1. They enhance your natural beauty

Natural ingredients can heal your skin, both internally and externally. When natural ingredients like vitamin C are absorbed into the skin, they can increase collagen production, improve oxygen and blood flow to the skin, and repair free radical damage. This results in an appearance with fewer fine lines and wrinkles, tighter skin, and protection from the elements.


2. They help in saving a lot in the long run!

How nice it would be to know we are doing something great for our health, while also saving money at the same time? Well, if you switch to natural and organic skincare products you can do just that. Organic and natural skincare products are very cost-effective when compared to their non-natural alternatives, especially as the quality of the ingredients means you can use less, which in turn means the product will last longer over time.


While some chemical-based products may be cheaper, you end up needing to use a lot of them putting layer after layer of moisturizer on as your skin still feels dry, therefore having to buy more of it, and costing you more in the long run



3. They work better!

A lady with a beautiful skinOrganic and natural beauty products work better because they are made with superior ingredients. Just like cooking, highly processed food or anything artificial, isn’t going to taste as nice. Beauty products work similarly, meaning the better the ingredients the better the results. Individuals who have sensitive skin can benefit a lot from natural products as they won’t contain ingredients that are going to aggravate or irritate the skin.


4. They are not tested on animals

Being cruel to animals has always been a part of the beauty industry. And because of the belief that no product should destructively affect any part of nature, organic products are not being tested on animals which are important for their survival. 

5. They are gentle on the skin

Typical skincare products use fillers that aren’t necessary. These can irritate the skin or hair and may cause damage over the long term. Many natural products, on the other hand, are gentler over time because they avoid those unnecessary fillers. You end up with healthier skin in the end. 


6. They reduce skin irritation

Products with chemicals and other strange ingredients in them (used to treat acne) often leave skin feeling dry, red and sore. It is easy to find natural alternatives to all skin products whether you are targeting spots, wrinkles or just want your skin to feel clean and healthy. Natural products are kinder to your skin and will work just as effectively we do not make these things up. Here is some medically peer-reviewed evidence from everyday health if you care.


Naturally sourced ingredients such as zinc oxide, tea tree oil and lavender extract are all wonderfully healing, natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished instead of sore and irritated like other products that contain harmful chemicals.


7. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!

Our skin is very absorbent, and when you use products such as moisturizers, cleansers and toners, the ingredients within these are getting absorbed into our bodies.


It’s great to be health-conscious and think about what we are putting into our bodies, and it doesn’t stop at what we eat and drink. Next time you are buying a new moisturizer take a look at the ingredients on the label and think, “Would I eat this?” If the answer is no perhaps it’s time to start turning your skincare routine into a more natural one!


8. Natural fragrance. 

Organic products consist of essential oils which come with a natural fragrance of their own that will never irritate your nasal passages, unlike regular products which use strong synthetics.



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